Artist Statement

I am a contemporary abstract painter working in acrylic and mixed media on wood panels. Color, shape and line are the idioms I use to express my experience of the nexus of the visual world and my inner life. Having been influenced by the decorative arts movement I reference images into playful, layered and mysterious compositions.

I often begin with a visual cue or idea and intuitively develop it with color, line and shape. As I observe the work emerging I am excited and challenged by my process of discovery. I particularly love creating an illusion of depth on a flat surface by using a variety of color application techniques suggesting dimension and complexity to engage the viewer’s interest.

About the Artist

For the past three years I have been painting in the Ilana Bloch Studio 33 in Culver City, Los Angeles. I am a member of Women Painter’s West and the Los Angeles Art Association. My work has been chosen by private collectors in Los Angeles and New York.

Contact Information